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Unit 2: Planning Lessons for Informational and Argument Writing

2.2.1 Analyzing Teachers’ Uses of Texts

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Let's watch teachers at work and analyze for what purpose they are using texts in the writing lesson.

Students in the following video are preparing to read a blog post titled, “Child Labor Used to Make Soccer Balls.” This reading is one of several in an extended lesson about child labor. As a culminating activity of the complete lesson, they will write an article in response to the following writing prompt:

After researching nonfiction books, photojournals and articles on contemporary child labor, write an article for a children’s magazine that defines and explains child labor practices and how children around the world are impacted. Support your explanation with evidence from your research. What implications for the American consumer can you draw?

As you watch the video, note for what purposes the teacher is using this text with her students:

To increase content knowledge?

To increase genre knowledge?

To increase language knowledge?

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In this video, we see evidence that students are using the blog post to increase content knowledge. They are marking up text and noting specific examples of, and facts about, child labor. They are connecting the examples they find to some effects of child labor on the child and on consumers. Students are being strategic in their research and reading, and their discussion illustrates that they understand the text and their task to gather evidence.