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Unit 3: Learning From Students’ Work and Teachers’ Lessons

3.2.1 Classroom Examples of Formative Assessment

Let’s observe how several teachers use information they have gathered from checking in on students during the writing process. Note how they create opportunities to use this formative assessment information to give their students important feedback for improving and revising their writing.

K–2 Example: Pushing First Graders to Improve Informative Writing

A teacher of first graders noticed that although some of her students were meeting the Writing Informative/explanatory Text Type Standards, she thought they could push themselves to do more in preparation for second grade.

Take a moment to read Writing Standard 2 for Grade 1

Grade 1, Writing Standard 2

Now, read the same standard for grade 2.

Grade 2, Writing Standard 2

Time to View

Now, watch the classroom video to see how the teacher pushes and supports the students to expand on what they have already written.

Source: TC Reading and Writing Project on Vimeo

Time to Reflect

Take a few minutes to reflect on the following questions about the video:



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