Table of Contents

Module Summary

Time to Read

This module was designed to explore instructional and assessment strategies and resources to support educators in implementing the key shifts in teaching writing, as emphasized by the CCSS.

The lessons, planning resources, and assessment tools throughout the module provide instructional support for teaching informative and argument writing genres that address the CCSS priorities of:

  • conveying and critiquing information
  • presenting and analyzing arguments
  • using evidence and research to communicate for academic and real-world purposes

Suggestions are included for assessing student writing and for scaffolding lessons so that all students — especially English learners and students with disabilities — learn and employ the rhetorical and language features of the genres.

Select the following links to revisit the learning objectives for each unit:

Unit 1—Understanding and Teaching the Common Core Writing Standards

Unit 2—Planning Lessons for Informational and Argument Writing

Unit 3—Learning From Students’ Work and Teachers’ Lessons

As you progressed through the module — especially as you began thinking about your own teaching of writing — you may have named topics you want to explore in greater depth. For example, in your culminating reflections from Unit 1, your lesson planning notes in Unit 2, or your thinking about learning from student work in Unit 3, you may have jotted down questions or issues for further study.

Extended Learning Opportunities and Support

To augment your learning from this Professional Learning Module, the California Writing Project teachers and leaders who developed the lessons recommend several professional books, organized by topic and grade level, which you will find in the Resources section of this module. These resources are applicable to further study on your own, with a book study group, your department, Small Learning Community, or Professional Learning Community.

You are also invited to contact one of the seventeen sites of the California Writing Project to learn about ongoing CCSS programs to support you and your colleagues. To find the project in your region, link to: