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Table of Contents

Unit 2: Planning Lessons for Informational and Argument Writing

Sample Lessons for Teaching Digital Literacy

Time to Read

Select the link(s) below to view similar lessons from Common Sense Media that address your grade level span:

Grades K–2: Sites I Like

What makes a Web site the right site for me?” Students explore and evaluate an informational Web site for children.

Grades 3–5: How to Cite a Site

“How do I cite different types of online sources?” Students reflect on the importance of citing all sources when they do research.

Grades 6–8: Digital Literacy and Citizenship

“How do individuals interact with and impact others in the digital world?” Students learn to reflect critically on their use of media, understanding of the broader landscape, and participation in the always-on community.

Grades 9–12: Rights, Remixes, and Respect

“What should you consider when you use other people’s creative work?” Students reflect on the differences between taking inspiration from the creative work of others and appropriating that work without permission.

Time to Reflect

Now refer to your grade level standards for CCSS Writing Standard 8.



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