Table of Contents

Unit 3: Learning From Students’ Work and Teachers’ Lessons

3.3 Learning From and Adapting CCSS-Informed Lessons

In this section, you will have an opportunity to examine, use, and adapt additional lessons developed by teachers, for teachers. The lessons focus on writing to inform, argue, and analyze: on narrative, informational/explanatory, and opinion/argument text types and the writing genres that give them audience, purpose, and form. They are organized by four grade level spans: K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12.

In each grade level span, you will find lessons that include:

  • teaching sequences that support student writing, from generating ideas and research, to drafting and feedback, to revision and assessment, including links to the CCSS, discipline-specific California Academic Content Standards, and ELD standards
  • recommendations for informational texts and links to digital texts that can be used to increase content knowledge or serve as genre or language models
  • annotated student writing samples with suggestions for using them with students, along with formative assessment tools, criteria charts, and rubrics

On the pages that follow, read the descriptions in the grade span of your choice, and link to and download those that you would like to study, use, or adapt. You might want to begin with the Learning From Student Work section of the lesson.

You may want to download the Considerations for Lesson Planning, a resource developed by the teachers who developed the lessons. The planning questions, along with the Lesson Planning Template, may prove helpful as you tailor a particular lesson for your students.