Table of Contents

Unit 1: Understanding and Teaching the Common Core Writing Standards

1.2 Relationship Between and Among the CCR Anchor Standards for Writing

Let’s combine the ten CCR Anchor Standards for Writing in three different ways for slightly different purposes.

Time to Read

A Classroom of Production

First, review the graphic below for a summary of each of the four categories. This time, read from the bottom up. Note that these standards are not meant to be addressed in any particular order (as in a check list fashion); rather, they are constantly overlapping and interacting with each other.

Wilhelm (2012) describes a classroom that supports students in doing the work and learning of CCSS writing as a “place of production.” The foundation for a classroom of production is one that provides extensive opportunities for students to write for varied tasks, purposes, and audiences. Such a classroom — be it a first grade class where students are learning to create a shared story, a fifth grade writing workshop class, a middle school class working on cross-disciplinary inquiry projects, or a transition to college class for English Learners — builds students’ capacity for learning and applying higher order thinking skills on a foundation of production.