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Unit 2: Dimensions of Text Complexity

2.2.2 Three Dimensions of Text Complexity

Time to Apply

Appendix A CoverRead the text complexity annotation for Grapes of Wrath, on page 14 of Appendix A. This is not informative text but a good literary example of the need to look at all three dimensions of text complexity.

View at least the first five minutes of the following video of Susan Pimentel explaining text complexity to teachers in Hawaii:

Begin the Introduction to Text Complexity video
Download Transcript

Time to Reflect

Based on the information from Appendix A and the Introduction to Text Complexity video, describe why all three dimensions of text complexity should be carefully considered as teachers select texts.



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Sample responses

Additional information regarding text complexity is available in Appendix A, pages 4-16. There are many examples given in this section to help teachers understand how to look at all three factors. It is also important to understand that different conclusions can be drawn through careful discussions by teachers about the text.