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Unit 3: Supporting Student Comprehension of Informational Text

3.1.3 Commonalities in Close Reading

Time to Read

In a presentation on preparing for close reading, Dr. Timothy Shanahan of the University of Illinois at Chicago, stated that while there are many versions of close reading, in all of them "the meaning is hidden in the text and needs to be acquired through careful and thorough analysis and reanalysis." In his presentation he highlights key features, such as:

  • The focus is on text meaning
  • Background preparation/explanation is minimized
  • Students must do the reading/interpretation
  • Teacher’s major role is to ask text-dependent questions
  • Multi-day commitments to texts
  • Purposeful rereading
  • Short reads

For additional information, review Shanahan’s presentation, “Meeting the Challenge of Common Core: Preparing for Close Reading

Time to Reflect

In the box below describe how Shanahan's key features of close reading compares to your current practice.



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