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Unit 1: Examining the CCSS for Reading Literature and Informational Text

1.1.1 CCR Anchor Standards

Time to Read

As the video in Time2View mentions, for each of the CCSS for ELA/Literacy strands, there are corresponding CCR Anchor Standards that are identical across all grades and content areas, lending coherence and structure. You will now have an opportunity to see the connections among the anchor standards, grade-level standards, and literacy in the content-area standards.

Examine the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards Matrix below. Read the ten CCR Anchor Standards for Reading. They represent the expectations for students who are college and career ready. As you review them, consider how these will help students be better prepared for reading demands after high school.

Anchor Standards for ReadingCollege and Career Readiness Anchor Standards Matrix

Time to Try

The CCSS for ELA/Literacy emphasize the following key shifts: 1) building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction; 2) reading, writing, and speaking grounded in text-based evidence; 3) and regular practice with complex text and its academic language. Based on these key shifts, complete the journal entry below.

A description of these key shifts is available here: Key Shifts
Source: Student Achievement Partners

There will be many places throughout the module where you are asked to reflect and complete a journal entry. These reflective journals are private and can be saved so that you can print out your compiled answers.


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