Table of Contents

Unit 3: Supporting Student Comprehension of Informational Text

3.1.1 Close Reading and the Common Core State Standards

Time to Read

In the first video, Dr. Fisher says that "Close reading isn't in the Common Core State Standards." While he is correct that it is implied rather than explicitly called close reading in the grade-level standards, it is directly mentioned in the CCR Anchor Standards for Reading.

To review the standards that examine close reading, select the text in the following boxes:

Additionally, students would need to read closely to meet the remainder of the CCR Anchor Standards for Reading (and the related grade-level standard). Consider how close reading is necessary to achieve the following two standards.



Time to Reflect

Now take a few minutes to look at the remainder of the CCR Anchor Standards and your own grade-level standards  for reading and consider the importance of close reading in achieving these standards.