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1.0 Observing Students

Observing students engaged in, talking about, and doing mathematics allows teachers to identify the SMP in action. In your first activity, you will watch a video of a classroom and note what you observe students doing when they interact with mathematics. At the end of the module you will view the video again. In this second viewing, you should be able to identify the SMP in detail.

Time to View

Select a video below that corresponds to your grade level. As you watch, take note of how the students are engaging in mathematics.

What questions are being asked and at what level? What strategies are being used?


Grade 2: Classroom Discussion: Describing Patterns

Grade 6: Classroom Discussion: Sorting Angles

Grade 8: Classroom Discussion: Speed and Rate Using Technology

Time to Reflect

In your Metacognitive Journal, record your observations from the video by answering the following questions:



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