Table of Contents

Unit 4: Modeling and Using Tools (MP4 and MP5)

4.3 Introduction to Using Appropriate Tools Strategically (MP5)

When modeling with mathematics, the use of appropriate tools is essential for students to acquire the most out of a mathematical task. MP5, “Use appropriate tools strategically,” addresses the types of tools that support mathematics learning and how to use them.

Time to Read

It is important to consider what mathematicians refer to when they use the term "tools." Tools are any object, picture, drawing, or figure that represents a mathematical concept used by students to make meaning of the mathematics, or on which the relationship for that mathematical concept can be imposed (Van De Walle, 2004). Tools allow students to interactively reason and engage in discourse about mathematics, helping them to construct mathematical meanings and explain their ideas.

Time to Reflect

In your Metacognitive Journal, respond to the prompt below:

List the appropriate tools needed for the Tiling Pool Problem (Section 4.1) for students in your grade span. Describe how each tool helps promote student mathematical understanding.


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