Table of Contents

Unit 1: Teaching and Learning the Standards for Mathematical Practice

1.2 Interaction of Practice Standards and Content Standards

The SMP interact with the mathematics content standards to allow for meaningful learning. Such learning is likely to occur when students have access to a coherent and connected curriculum in an environment that promotes discourse, reflection, collaboration, and use of appropriate tools while working on challenging mathematics. This involves doing mathematical problems and tasks which necessitate problem solving, reasoning, and sense-making. Student engagement with both content and practice is necessary for deep learning.

Time to View

Take a minute to view the short video below. In the video, Jason Zimba, one of the lead writers of the CCSS for Mathematics, underscores the interrelation between the two types of standards: content and practice.


Time to Reflect

Now that you have been given a brief introduction to the SMP, respond to the following questions in your Metacognitive Journal:



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