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Unit 3: Reasoning and Explaining (MP2 and MP3)

Lesson Designed to Introduce Viable Arguments

The 5th-grade work began with a lesson taught by guest teacher, Harold Asturias. The lesson opened with Asturias stating, "mistakes are gifts because they promote discussion," "ask questions until it makes sense," and "think with language and use language to think." The lesson then tapped into student prior knowledge.

Time to Try

Take a few minutes to review the grade 5 lesson plan for day 1. This lesson includes excellent questioning strategies that will encourage classroom discussions that lead to better understanding of concepts at all grade levels.

Lesson Plan for Day 1

Below are a few student answers from the lesson:

Asturias: What do you know about odd and even?

Leslie:  Odd is something that doesn’t, like you can’t have it equal. Number 7 is 4 and 3, not 4 and 4, like 8.

Max: Odd numbers if you add it, you’d have to add two different numbers, not like the same; and if you divide it, you get 1 remainder.

Daniela: Odd numbers don’t have partners, and even numbers do have patterns. Four, there are two fingers for each. Three has one left over. It doesn’t have a partner, so it’s not even.

Time to View

Daniela's explanation is included in the video below. The video captures her pairing of fingers as a representation of the concept of even and odd numbers.

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