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2.0 Unpacking MP1 and MP6

Time to Read

Take a few minutes to read the Habits of Mind practices; MP1 and MP6. While you are reading, highlight key words or phrases that seem particularly cogent or that puzzle or intrigue you. Make a note of questions you have about the specifics of these two mathematical practices. Consider in particular how the two standards are related.

Source: California’s Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

MP1 and MP6 are important in every aspect of teaching and learning mathematics. The purpose of these standards is to build within students the sense that they can successfully “do” mathematics and build precision in their use of mathematical symbols, units, and language. These two standards are the Habits of Mind that students need to use in solving any mathematics problem.

Time to Reflect

In your Metacognitive Journal, reflect on the thoughts that surfaced as you read these two SMP. Include questions you hope will be answered in this unit, the practices you currently use, and the challenges you might anticipate for your students. You will return to these questions at the end of this unit.


Time to Extend

Encourage a colleague or two to review the K–12 SMP module with you. Take time to engage in a discussion about the Habits of Mind and the questions posed in this activity.

To learn more about Habits of Mind, visit the NCTM Web site and read, "Organizing a Curriculum around Mathematical Habits of Mind"