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Unit 3: Reasoning and Explaining (MP2 and MP3)

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners

Time to Read

Ball's description of a community of reasoners can be integrated with strategies for teaching English learners, students with special needs, and high-achieving students. Select the link below for examples of strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners in your classroom:

Sample strategies for differentiating instruction

Research has demonstrated that vocabulary learning occurs most successfully through instructional environments that are language-rich, actively involve students in using language, require that students both understand both spoken and written words and also express that understanding orally and in writing, and require students to use in multiple ways over extended periods of time. To develop written and oral communication skills, students need to participate in negotiating meaning for mathematical situations and in mathematical practices that require output from students."

Common Core State Standards Initiative, Application of the Standards for English Language Learners:


Time to Reflect

In your Metacognitive Journal, answer the question below:



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Time to Extend

Visit the Understanding Language Web site to access research papers on English learners and the CCSS.

Mathematics instruction for ELs should support participation in mathematical discussions and draw upon available resources in the classroom such as objects, drawings, graphs and gestures."

Moschkovich, 2012