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Unit 2: Overarching Habits of Mind (MP1 and MP6)

2.1.2 Engaging Students

In mathematics the art of asking questions must be held of higher value than solving it.”

Cantor, 1867

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Questioning in mathematics classrooms is essential. Learning is maximized when questions are encouraged and elaborated upon, explanations are expected, and feedback is frequent. In fact, feedback is one of the most significant activities a teacher can engage in to improve student achievement.

Providing the right kind of feedback to students makes a significant difference in their achievement.”

Hattie, 2009

The CCSS emphasize the importance of developing mathematical language and communication in order to understand concepts rather than merely following a sequence of procedures. Effective mathematics teachers encourage this kind of discourse by asking questions of all types during their lessons.

Students of effective teachers ask many questions as well, which orchestrates a more productive and lively discussion in classrooms. Students who engage in discussion are better able to make sense of ideas, create and demonstrate understanding, and reflect upon their thinking.

Focus on Effectiveness: