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Unit 2: Overarching Habits of Mind (MP1 and MP6)

Making Sense of Problems

Time to Read

Read the teachers’ reflections below. Consider how the teachers’ responses are connected to students’ sense making in order to solve complex problems while they construct new knowledge.

I learned that if you guide students in a certain way, they are not given the opportunity to think on their own. They are used to just doing what the teacher is telling them to do. We saw how the guidance of a teacher makes a big difference in how students approach problems and what they use to solve them. It was great, because now I will be thinking closely about what questions I ask my students and how I am guiding them.”

“I enjoyed seeing what can happen when we, in our ultimate wisdom, give students too much guidance. It was interesting to see what they can come up with on their own when we don't hand-hold. There are so many tools and great thoughts that our students have and we don't allow them to exercise these enough because we are so busy cramming new information down their throats without time for processing and working through it.”

“I believe it is extremely valuable to give students the opportunity to work together. If students can figure out how to solve a problem on their own, or with a group, it is much more valuable to them than if I tell them how to do it. Students do not forget what they have figured out on their own.”

(Work cited from Pomona Unified School District
math teachers 2011–12)

Time to Reflect

Write your reflections in your Metacognitive Journal. What learning did these teachers gain from the collaborative workshop experience?



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Time to Extend

Refer to the following resources to find out more about the Habits of Mind:

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  • Driscoll, Mark.2003. Fostering Algebraic Thinking: A Guide for Teachers Grades 6–10
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