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Unit 4: Modeling and Using Tools (MP4 and MP5)

4.5 Summary and Reflection

In this unit, you have considered MP4 and MP5 — the modeling and using appropriate tools practices.

  • Modeling with mathematics requires students to make assumptions and approximations to simplify a situation, realizing these may need revision later.
  • Modeling with mathematics requires students to interpret mathematical results in the context of the situation and reflect on whether they make sense.
  • Using tools strategically requires that students are familiar with appropriate tools to decide when each tool is helpful, knowing both the benefits and limitations.
  • Using tools strategically requires students to detect possible errors, identify relevant external mathematical resources, and use them to pose or solve problems.

Think about your understanding of these two practices and how they work together. The four levels of modeling were described as:

Level 0: Problems are purely computational, or context is unnecessary.

Level 1: Problems are directly translatable from a context (simple word problem).

Level 2: Problems using a model — modifying it to satisfy changed conditions, identify patterns and relationships, and represent them using words, numbers, symbols, and pictures.

Level 3: Problems have no predetermined solution and require students to make assumptions, develop a strategy, check answers, present results, and possibly revise strategies to begin the process over again.

Time to Reflect

Use your notes and your Metacognitive Journal [MJ4.5] to answer the questions below :



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