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Unit 4: Modeling and Using Tools (MP4 and MP5)

4.4.2 Summary

There are tasks at all grade levels where tools are an important part of the problem solving process, whether the task is a modeling problem or computational in context. Sometimes it is clear what the tool should be for a task, and sometimes students can make choices about the tools that will work best for them. Providing students with a choice of tools differentiates for the variety of learners in the classroom, including English learners and students with special needs.

Time to Reflect

In your Metacognitive Journal, respond to the prompt below:



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Time to Extend

Select a task from this section, share with another teacher at your grade level, and engage students in the task. After the students complete the task, discuss with your colleague the similarities and differences between your classes and reflect upon how students in your class used tools to make sense of mathematics.