Table of Contents

Unit 4: Modeling and Using Tools (MP4 and MP5)

4.1.2 Summary and Reflection

Modeling is mathematizing a situation, or making use of a model by interpreting it in relation to the context. Modeling is important because it links mathematics to everyday life. Modeling with mathematics exists along a continuum; from problems that are directly translatable from a context, to problems that have no predetermined solutions and require students to make assumptions, develop solution strategies, present results, and possibly revise their strategies.

Time to Reflect

In your Metacognitive Journal, reflect on how the pool-tiling task allowed students to analyze relationships mathematically in order to draw conclusions.



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Time to Extend

Share the pool-tiling task with a colleague at your grade level and work together on the problem. Try the task in your classrooms and discuss the similarities and differences of your experiences, and how each of you adapted the problem to meet the needs of your students.