Table of Contents


Development Team:

  • Dr. Susie W. Hakansson, Program Manager
    Executive Director, California Mathematics Project (CMP), UCLA.
  • Dr. Patrick Callahan, Co-Program Manager
    Co-Director, California Mathematics Project, UCLA.
  • Ms. Tsai-Tsai O-Lee, Program Coordinator
    Management Services Officer, California Mathematics Project, UCLA.
  • Ms. Ginny Wu, Technical Support
    Student Assistant, California Mathematics Project, UCLA
  • Dr. Joanne Rossi Becker, CMP Consultant
    Director, Santa Clara Valley Mathematics Project; Professor, San Jose State University Department of Mathematics.
  • Dr. Kyndall Brown, CMP Consultant
    Director, UCLA Mathematics Project; Lecturer, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies.
  • Ms. Carol Cronk, CMP Consultant
    Co-Director, Inland Counties Mathematics Project; Mathematics Coordinator, Ontario-Montclair School District.
  • Ms. Joan Easterday, CMP Consultant
    Sonoma County Office of Education.
  • Ms. Diane Kinch, CMP Consultant
    Co-Director, San Gabriel Valley California Mathematics Project
  • Ms. Kathlan Latimer, CMP Consultant
    President, California Mathematics Council.
  • Ms. Sheri Willebrand, CMP Consultant
    Past-President, California Mathematics Council.

Additional Consultants:

  • Dr. Patricia Dickenson, Editor
    Assistant Professor, Teacher Education, National University
  • Ms. Cynthia Lopez, English Language Development Consultant
    Classroom Teacher
  • Dr. Julie Sliva Spitzer, Special Education Consultant
    Professor, San Jose State University Department of Mathematics.


  • Jackie Albright
  • Kim Elce
  • Terran Felter
  • April Goodman-Orcutt
  • Maria Gutierrez
  • Kris Houston
  • Shari Kaku
  • Rebecca Lewis
  • Mary Ann Seridan
  • Andrea Taylor
  • Sharon Ross