Table of Contents

Unit 2: Overarching Habits of Mind (MP1 and MP6)

2.1.1 Teacher Mindsets

The next page contains reflections from teachers who engaged in a two-year professional learning workshop called Fostering Algebraic Thinking (Driscoll, 1999) for English Learners and based on the publication, Fostering Algebraic Thinking

In the final session, teachers visited their peers’ classrooms and observed students working collaboratively on a common problem. The visiting teachers sat with groups of students and listened to the students communicate their thinking to each other. The rule was that no one could tell the students what to do, only ask probing questions to help the students deepen their mathematical thinking. In every classroom, the students successfully solved the problem.

Observing teachers were asked to respond to the following reflection prompt:

What did you learn about teaching and learning algebraic thinking from your observations? Specifically, what happens when we give students free rein on a problem and is there value in that?

Driscoll, 1999

You will read some of their reflections on the next page.