Table of Contents

Unit 1: Teaching and Learning the Standards for Mathematical Practice

1.3.1 Language Learning and Mathematics

The SMP emphasize doing mathematics. Therefore, all students must have an opportunity to demonstrate learning in an environment that structures timeframes in which to talk, access tools, and work on challenging tasks and other activities supported in the SMP.

Judit Moschkovich, professor of mathematics education whose research examines the relationship between language learning and math, recommends ways to support the learning of language in conjunction with the teaching of mathematics. The following instructional strategies can be applied for all students of mathematics (Moschkovich, 2012):

  • Balance student activities that address both important conceptual and procedural knowledge related to a mathematical topic
  • Use high cognitive demand math tasks
  • Support students in developing beliefs that mathematics is sensible, worthwhile, and doable
  • Provide opportunities for students to engage in the mathematical practices