Table of Contents

Unit 1: Teaching and Learning the Standards for Mathematical Practice

1.1 Two types of Mathematics Standards

Common Core State Standards Logo The CCSS for Mathematics define what students should understand and be able to do. These standards include expectations for both content and practice. The Standards for Mathematical Content, commonly referred to as “content standards,” include skills and understandings that students should develop at each grade level (or within each course) while the Standards for Mathematical Practice, commonly referred to as “practice standards,” identify the processes and proficiencies that students should develop throughout their entire K–12 mathematics education.

Below is a summary of the expectations for content and practice.

Standards for Mathematical Content:

  • Skills and understandings students will learn
  • Identified by grade level or course

Standards for Mathematical Practice:

  • Processes and proficiencies that students show when engaged in mathematics
  • Identified for students across all grade levels (K–12)