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Unit 1: Teaching and Learning the Standards for Mathematical Practice

1.3.2 Students with Disabilities

As indicated in the CCSS for Mathematics, the standards are “for the widest possible range of students to participate fully from the outset, along with appropriate accommodations to ensure maximum participation of students with special education needs.”

Students with disabilities will receive the support they need to do mathematics. These accommodations include (National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers, 2012):

  • Instructional supports for learning — foster student engagement by presenting information in multiple ways and allowing for diverse avenues of action and expression
  • Instructional accommodations — changes in materials or procedures which do not change the standards but allow students to learn within the framework of the CCSS
  • Assistive technology devices and services — ensure access to the general education curriculum and the CCSS
Time to Extend

For further information on students with disabilities and the CCSS, consider the following resources: