Step 1: Define the Program Structure

For some the most difficult part of any project is getting started. There are many questions, many decisions, and many risks in starting a new program; and usually there’s very little time to get it all done. The good news is that there is no right way to design a Blended Model program. Each Blended Model program will look different based on factors such as the needs of the students being targeted, the community in which it is being developed, the educators involved in designing the school, and the funding available. The goal is to build a program customized for your specific needs. However, there are key components to every successful online program that must be taken into consideration prior to implementation. The goal is to address these key components while customizing a program to meet your specific organizational needs.

The key to the success of your Blended Model program is defining your organizational structure followed by the creation of a well-thought through strategic plan. It requires asking and answering some important questions. On the following page are a few questions to help get you started. They need to be carefully thought through and answered before proceeding. Take the time necessary to clearly formulate your answers. Be sure to include your stakeholders in this process.



Questions to Consider