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Exploring the Bleeding Edges of Technology - Steve Dembo

Discovery Education's Director of Social Media Strategy and Online Community Manager Steve Dembo enthralled attendees at the Annual Leadership 3.0 Symposium.

We live in an era that has seen the democratization of knowledge, the flattening of the earth, and the rise of wikinomics. The amount of information online keeps increasing while the barriers to accessing it continue to decrease. 21st century students aren't merely products of these shifts, they are the instigators at the forefront of the next digital revolution. Are you prepared for students that live online in a state of transparency, defining 'private' as only being seen by a few thousand people? In order to guide students to safely navigate this new digital frontier, teachers have to learn to speak the same language. Rather than looking back, we will look to the future and identify technology trends that educators need to know about. From flying cars to nanotech, we'll explore the bleeding edge of technology and how to begin incorporating it into classrooms today. See how teachers worldwide are banding together to become their own best source of professional development.... and are losing their digital accent along the way.