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Closing Keynote: Randy Nelson - Programming as the fourth "R"


Randy Nelson has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Santa Clara. As a teenager, a passion for animation led him to computer programming. He has taught software development for the last 35 years

Randy was one of the founders of the juggling group the Flying Karamazov Brothers, and worked in live theater, film and television for more than a decade. His credits include co-writer, co-director and co-star of three Broadway shows, performances in the White House and for the President at the Kennedy Center, a role in the feature film 'Jewel of the Nile,' and the opportunity to represent the United States at two Olympic Arts Festivals.

Randy worked as a computer animator and producer for Pizza Time Theater, led developer training for NeXT Computer, created the developer program for the Apple and IBM multimedia joint venture Kaleida Labs, published the entry-level training book on Java at Sun, and was a senior instructional designer for Apple Computer.

At Pixar Animation Studios, Randy created Pixar University and was its Dean for more than a dozen years. When Disney/Pixar President Ed Catmull was recently asked by Fortune Magazine what he was proudest of in his many accomplishments at Pixar, Ed replied, “Pixar University.”

Most recently, Randy taught at Carnegie Mellon University in its Entertainment Technology Center, and created collaboration, staff development and leadership programs for Black Rock Studios, Brighton-based video game leader.

Today Randy uses his art, film, theater, animation, software, training and juggling experience daily as the head of DreamWorks Education, providing training and education for all of DreamWorks’ employees.

Randy writes, consults and looks for splendid problems to help solve.