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Intervention by Google: RTI + Google Tools

Intervention by Google: RTI + Google Tools

Elizabeth Calhoon, Vice Principal, Granada High School


9th Grade students come to the high school without the basic academic skills to engage with the high school curriculum. The way that schools have addressed this problem is to double-up or have students increase the number of instructional minutes they receive on a daily basis to improve their skill level. It is hoped that students can make more than a year advancement in their reading level, so that they can engage with the remainder of the high school curriculum.


To implement “Intensive Intervention” strategies, student schedules are taken over for this purpose. The net effect of this is that electives and other high interest courses are taken out of the student schedule and it decreases student attendance and the level to which they are motivated to engage in high school. “Intervention by Google” uses a new paradigm to assist teachers in visualizing the use of Google tools and how best to use them to supplement their existing ELA/Intervention Curriculum or to use the tools as a way to deliver their current curriculum in a way that is fun, exciting and most of all, engaging for all students.