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Closing Keynote: Hall Davidson

Fall CUE 2010: Closing Keynote - Hall Davidson
The Teacher With A Thousand Brains


The “stand alone” method of teaching is fading and being replace by a model that taps colleagues, content, experts, and communication from both around the world and across the hall. Collaborative projects with ‘real time’ elements take boldness and planning but building 21st Century Learners into 21st Century citizens makes it worthwhile . Watch some case study previews of coming classroom practice that tap Web 2.0, state curriculum standards, and student dedication. If you give students a Big Problem, who would you have them bring into the room to help?


About Hall

Hall Davidson taught middle and high school English, mathematics, Spanish, and bilingual mathematics.

He left the classroom to teach math on television in Los Angeles on an Emmy-winning program and spent 20 years at PBS stations teaching and leading staff developments in person and on-air. While producing television series on education and technology, he led a media consortium serving 17 districts and 400,000 students. He frequently contributes articles to national educational publications. With a team he founded, a resource of free online kits to encourage project-based learning with media. He served on the board of Computer-Using Educators for six years and consulted for media corporations and professional organizations.


For a dozen years he coordinated the nation’s oldest student media festival, the California Student Media Festival. He was site chairperson at his children’s elementary school where the categorical budget required his signature. His undergraduate studies were at Vanderbilt and George Peabody College of Education. He joined Discovery Education in 2005 where he blogs, creates webinars, and works in educational partnerships and Global Learning Initiatives as a director of the Discovery Educator Network, connecting thousands of teachers nationwide. He has spoken about technology and education to audiences around the world.