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Keynote: Rushton Hurley


Fall CUE 2010: Opening Keynote - Rushton Hurley
The “Even More” of Educational Technology: Its Pedagogical, Professional, and Personal Power

It -is- about us. More than anything else, a good education is a product of good teaching, and technology’s power to bring out the very best in us is why we should take seriously the opportunities it allows. Come and get reconnected to what brought you to the classroom in the first place, and leave with new energy and new ideas for you, your colleagues, and your students.


About Rushton:

Rushton Hurley has been a Japanese language teacher, principal of an online high school, teacher trainer, educational technology researcher, and school reform consultant. He is the executive director of (a free educational video library) and runs the MERIT program at the Krause Center for Innovation ( Rushton trains teachers at schools and conferences around the country on affordable technology, the power of multimedia, and the professional perspectives and experiences of teachers at all levels.