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Keynote: Mary Cullinane


Mary Cullinane: Creating Artists of Learning



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Keynote address, presented Mary Cullinane, Director of Innovation and Business Development, Microsoft.

Creating Artists of Learning

A veteran of K12 Education, Mary leads Microsoft’s Partners in Learning team. During her keynote, Mary will identify what are critical success factors in creating a learning environment that is continuous, relevant and adaptive.


Mary Cullinane comes to Microsoft after being an educator for 10 years at a regional high school in the state of New Jersey. Throughout Ms. Cullinane’s career, she has been intrigued by the opportunity technology brings to enhance the teaching and learning process. In 1997, while the Director of Technology, her high school was one of the first in the nation to provide every student with a notebook computer. After leaving education, Mary helped to establish a start-up Internet company focused on creating online learning communities for schools and districts.


In October of 2000 Mary Cullinane joined Microsoft Corporation. For the past eight years she has focused on driving innovative programs and initiatives including National Program Manager of the Anytime Anywhere Learning, creator of the Microsoft Innovation Center Awards, and National Manager of Microsoft’s K-12 marketing, programs and strategic investments.


In 2003, as a result of a partnership between the School District of Philadelphia and Microsoft Corporation, Ms. Cullinane accepted the position of School of the Future Technology Architect, responsible for driving the creation of a new high school in West Philadelphia. The school opened in September of 2006 and to date has received visitors from over 50 countries and has garnered over 350 million media impressions. In February of 2006, Ms. Cullinane became the Director of the US Partners in Learning Program, responsible for over $35 million of investments in innovative programs around the United States. In January of 2008 became the United States Director of Innovation and Business Development for Microsoft Education Group.


Ms. Cullinane, a recipient of the Microsoft Circle of Excellence Award, has spoken at national and international conferences on the topics of educational technology, school reform and strategic leadership. She has testified before the United States Congress and has appeared on PBS, NPR, ABC News and in Wired Magazine. A resident of New York City, Ms. Cullinane holds a Master’s of Public Policy and Administration Program from Columbia University with a concentration in International Economics and Policy Development and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The College of New Jersey.