Triad Meeting

The Triad Meeting is a requirement for completion of the Induction program. It has multiple purposes and is an important program requirement. Support Providers assist in this process by attending the Triad Meeting with the Participating Teacher and Site Administrator.

It is important to remember that the work of each Participating Teacher is confidential. The process of Induction and the evidence that each teacher collects is formative. Assisting the Site Administrator in understanding the components of the Induction program is one purpose of the Triad Meeting. This meeting is also used to highlight the Participating Teacher’s growth within his/her classroom.

Topics to consider for this conference include highlighting the links to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), the Induction Standards, the California Student Academic Content Standards, and the link to student achievement that the Participating Teacher has made while participating in the Induction Program.

Activity Directions

Participating Teachers, Support Providers, and Site Administrators meet and discuss relevant topics that acknowledge the work that has been accomplished and clarify possible areas of professional development.

Talking Points to Consider:

  • School or district goals
  • Ways professional development has impacted student achievement
  • Student achievement highlights
  • Key learnings to date
  • Areas of strength as linked to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession – CSTP
  • Future professional development plans
  • Site Administrator clarifying questions

Upon completion of the Triad Meeting, Participating Teachers meet and reflect on the meeting topics with their Support Providers and record reflection notes on Triad Meeting.