Support Provider Observation Tool

Support Providers are carefully trained to guide professional growth, provide support, and formatively assess Participating Teachers’ practice by gathering multiple sources of evidence.  Throughout the Induction Program, Support Providers complete two informal and formal observations. The informal, or “quick” observation occurs during the Context of Teaching. Each observation focuses on the components of the formative assessment system and provides opportunities to collect evidence documenting the Participating Teachers’ growth in relation to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession ( CSTP), state-adopted academic content standards and performance levels for students.

Activity Directions

Support Providers observe Participating Teachers’ classroom environment and collect evidence. This 30-minute “quick” observation allows an initial glimpse into classroom practice. Support Providers and Participating Teachers may use the following tools.

Year 1: Support Providers observe Participating Teachers using the tool Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool .

Year 2: Support Providers observe Participating Teachers using the tool Pedagogical Skills Observation Tool .

Support Providers take notes to be used during a reflective conversation.