Context of Teaching

Participating Teachers learn about their teaching environment by identifying challenges, investigating resources, and gathering information about their students. With a Support Provider, Participating Teachers discuss prompts focused on their classroom, school, district, and community. The information gathered guides classroom decision-making and helps identify areas for professional growth.

During the Context of Teaching, Participating Teachers assess their teaching practice and identify strengths and areas for growth based on the CSTPs. This information is used in subsequent inquiries into their teaching practice. With the guidance of a Support Provider, Participating Teachers identify resources and support that will be needed to develop and implement their first Individual Induction Plan (IIP) and meet their professional growth goals.

Timeline Activity Year 1 Year 2
  Connecting Prior Experience
Completed in Year 1
  Context of Teaching: Guiding Questions
  Class, School, District, Community
  Support Provider Observation
  Continuum of Teaching Practice

CSTP 1, 2, 4

CSTP 3, 5, 6
  Triad Meeting