Content Dictionaries

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Building content dictionaries is a GLAD/SIOP strategy that assists students with creating meaning and understanding of specific vocabulary terms related to academic content. Students that participate in the process of building content dictionaries create deeper meaning for language and improve language acquisition skills.


Below are samples of digital content dictionaries developed by teachers who have participated in the iTELL training for use in their own classrooms.

Please note: All samples below require Inspiration to download and open on your own computer. A thirty-day Free Trial of Inspiration is available online.


Developed by Nugyen Phuong

> Download the Inspiration file of "Adaptation"
"Branches of Government"
Developed by Hayley Lieberg
"The First Americans"
Developed by Rebecca Caruso

> Download the Inspiration file of "The First Americans"



"The Scientific Method"
Developed by Michael Hillman