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Guided Language Acquisition Design ( GLAD) provides an organizational structure for the integration, of listening, speaking, reading, and writing into all content areas. GLAD was developed and field-tested for nine years in the Fountain Valley School District. It is listed as a California Department of Education “Best Practices” program for Title III professional development funding. Participants in the iTELL Academy will not be trained in GLAD; rather they will be shown how to infuse technology into some of the GLAD strategies. For more information about GLAD go to their website:


Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol ( SIOP) Model is a research-based and validated model of sheltered instruction. The model helps teachers plan and deliver lessons that allow English learners to acquire academic knowledge as they develop English language proficiency. Once again, participants will not be trained in SIOP; rather they will be trained on relevant technology that can enhance the SIOP strategies. For more information about SIOP training go to their website:

Robin Scarcella
, is a professor at the University of California at Irvine where she is the Director of the Program in Academic English/ESL. She has written over sixty scholarly publications on ESL teaching and L2 acquisition including a practice guide, Effective Literacy and English Language Instruction for English Language Learners in the Elementary Grades, for the Institute of Education Sciences commissioned by the US Department of Education. For more information about Robin Scarcella go to the UCI website.

Robert J. Marzano
is a well know researcher whose book, Classroom Instruction That Works, is a summary of his meta-analysis studies he did while at McREL ( A Theory-Based Meta-Analysis of Research on Instruction) Marzano’s work demonstrated the effectiveness of nine specific classroom strategies that improve student achievement. Though his research was not specifically addressing English learners, he did show they benefited from the strategies as well. For more information about Robert Marzano go to the website:

Howard Gardner’s
theory of Multiple Intelligences. Again, his body of work does not specifically address the English learner population, but Multiple Intelligences can be used as a framework upon which to build other strategies. For more information about Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory go to the website: