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These sites focus on learning activities for classroom teachers including online course offerings, classroom strategies, lesson plan ideas and more.
Academic Vocabulary
Dr. Marzano describes a six-step process in the instruction of vocabulary. This site offers instruction for teachers to understand the strategies on building vocabulary.
California Migrant Ed
This site contains access to content-based resources in addition to communications, resource sharing, and program management tools. Modules provide examples of effective practice using full video segments and instructional content describing the models of practice. Nearly 50 video clips provide examples of the following instructional strategies in K-12 classrooms.
Colorín Colorado
Colorín Colorado is a free web-based service that provides information, activities, research and advice for educators and Spanish-speaking families of English language learners (ELLs).
Integrating Technology into the Classroom Using Instructional Strategies
This site offers strategies on how to incorporate technology into the classroom based on Marzano's research of the most effective instructional strategies.
Pearson Prentice Hall: Effective Language Arts Lessons
This site focuses on the design of effective Language Arts lessons for diverse student populations.
Strategies for Teaching Science to ELLs
This site provides quick strategies for teachers to use in their classrooms to teach Science and additional subjects to English Language Learners.
Supporting Vocabulary Acquisition for English Language Learners
This Strategy Guide introduces strategies teachers can use for ELL vocabulary instruction in their English and content area classrooms.
Texas Comprehensive Center
This interactive document was developed during a professional development session, led by the Texas Comprehensive Center, for mathematics and ESL specialists from the Education Service Centers in Texas.
Thinkfinity Community: reaching English Language Learners
A Thinkfinity forum of educators of English language learners. Must register for the Thinkfinity Community (free).
University of California's Professional Development Institute
UCPDI provides experts and leaders multiple ways to engage with each other and work to take the lessons from their classrooms to a statewide community through regular meetings and through online communities.
Webinar: Defining Academic English Language
Academic English language is a primary target in states' English language proficiency standards, assessments, and instruction; this session is intended to help reinvigorate the national conversation among researchers and practitioners in this area.
Multilingual Academic Support
This site contains current offerings of professional development for preschool through high school teachers, and administrators.  Some of the most popular series have been: Response to Intervention for English Learners; Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English, 6-12 for content teachers; Secondary School Leadership for English Learners; CAHSEE for EL success, and many others.