Module 10: Culture & Equity

Professional Development on the integration of The Comic Experience with culture and equity in the classroom and multiple intelligences

Purpose:  Module 10 trains teachers on how to integrate the Comic Experience through the California VAPA component strand of historical and cultural context of the standards.  Equity will be taught to teachers through student engagement strategies and opportunity that will support culture investigation in the classroom.  Through online videos of incorporating the multiple intelligences and Bloom’s revised taxonomy in integrated lessons.  Lessons will focus on standards based activities for the K-3, 4-8, and 9-12 grade classrooms.  Lesson plans will provide teachers with step by step, standards based integration lessons.  This module also offers many supplemental materials and examples for students to view.   USA Project Discussion Board is open for questions, comments, and support.

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Module 10: Brain gym Exercises

Module 10: Assessment