Site Administrator R&R

The Butte County BTSA Induction Program works with districts and universities to support teachers at various levels of the Learning to Teach Continuum. District partnerships are critical in the effective implementation of program goals. Thank you for your support of this program.


  • Select Support Providers according to established program criteria
  • Assign beginning educator (Participating Teacher) to a trained Support Provider
  • Provide BTSA Program with SP/PT match
  • Notify Participating Teacher of BTSA Orientation dates and program expectations
  • Notify Support Provider of Cohort training schedule
  • Encourage and support the PT/SP partner collaboration time

  Meetings/Professional Development

  • Conduct an initial orientation for Participating Teachers to inform them about site resources, personnel, procedures and policies
  • Introduce Participating Teachers to the staff and include them in the school’s learning community
  • Meet with PT/SP’s as partners once per year
  • Meet with BTSA Induction program staff as needed
  • Ensure that site-level professional development activities related to induction occur on a consistent basis, including facilitating Participating Teachers’ and Support Providers’ participation
  • Attend one of two Site Administrator Briefings in academic year

  Action Items

  • Sign Roles and Responsibilities for PT, SP, SA
  • Help to focus the learning community on the State-adopted academic content standards and performance levels for students and the California Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • Document planned district based professional growth for PTs
  • Review and discuss participants’ Accountability Report
  • Review and provide content information and experiences required in Induction Program Standards 5 and 6
  • Respect confidentiality between Support Provider and Participating Teacher
  • Participate in program evaluation, internal and external, within specified time designated by Butte County BTSA Induction program and the state department

    Click here to download the Site Administrator Roles and Responsibilities to the Induction Program.