Early Completion Option


SB 57 (Scott) provides for an Early Completion Option (ECO) for Multiple and Single Subject Induction candidates.  This option is as rigorous as or more rigorous than the full Induction Program, but is offered at an accelerated pace.  The Butte County BTSA Induction Program’s Early Completion Option includes an individual plan of directed study and evidence of completion.  Upon successful completion of the Induction requirements as set forth in this policy, candidates are recommended to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for a Clear Credential.



The candidate must hold a preliminary multiple or single subject credential and be employed in a CA public school.  The intent of the law is to serve experienced and exceptional candidates.


Criteria to determine Eligibility

Demonstrate prior teaching experience as the teacher of record (e.g., Intern Program, private school teaching experiences, or other recent teaching experience) AND receive a recommendation from a Site Administrator, and/or Butte County BTSA Induction Program Policy Council member.


To prepare for the ECO Interview Panel you will need to have available:

  • Performance evaluations from prior years of teaching.  This may include evidence from past observations.
  • Recommendation(s) from a personnel officer, principal or other administrator attesting to the appropriateness for ECO.
  • A portfolio of work that substantiates experience and exceptionality (e.g., CA TPA or PACT activities, resume, certificates of completion from professional development courses, assignment and adjunct duty descriptions)
  • Completion of ‘Butte County BTSA Induction Program Interview Form’

All of the above criteria must be met as determined by the Butte County BTSA Induction Program ECO Panel and the employing district.  In addition, the BTSA Induction Program and employing district retain the right to request any additional evidence that may be necessary to determine a candidate’s appropriateness for the ECO.


Monitoring Progress

Candidates accepted for the ECO will conference with the Program leadership and the Support Provider to develop an individualized plan for early completion. During this conference candidates will be apprised of the plan expectations and timelines for early completion.

The Individual Induction Plan (IIP) will take into account previous experience, (e.g., portfolio evidence, evaluations) to focus the program on the documented needs of the Participating Teacher. The IIP will specify which formative assessment and professional development activities will be completed, dates for periodic review of the candidate’s work, and due dates for completion.


Click here to download, print, complete and submit to the Induction Program office. This ECO application must be submitted to the program office no later than September 15.