Leadership Team R&R

  1.  Attend Facilitation Training as scheduled.
  2. Agree to facilitate designated NECTEC LAS Inquiries at monthly seminars, 7 times per year.  
  3. Attend seminar planning sessions for training dates as scheduled.
  4. Organize, design, make, and/or ask BTSA program staff duplicate any supplemental training materials for your portion of the seminar including participants’ handouts, overheads, and posters. Submit materials for duplication a minimum of 7 days in advance of seminar.
  5. Submit time sheets to program staff within 1 week of seminar.
  6. Arrive 1/2 hour before seminar begins.
  7. Participate in setup/clean-up as needed.
  8. Attend a debrief session immediately after seminar.
  9. Submit facilitator’s notes, sign-in sheets, evaluation forms, participants’ forms/information, and extra materials to program staff immediately after training. 
  10. Check email regularly for seminar updates.
  11. In case of illness or unforeseen circumstances, contact program staff and co-facilitator immediately with instructions.
  12. Attend designated state and local meetings. 
  13. Agree to regularly communicate with a cohort of recently trained Support Providers and Participating Teachers to facilitate implementation of NECTEC LAS Inquiries. 
  14. Assist program administrator with formal/informal program review.
  15. Participate in bi-yearly NECTEC LAS Inquiry review.
  16. Submit an updated resume annually. 

Click here to download the Leadership Team Roles and Responsibilities to the Induction Program.