Participating Teacher R&R

Participating Teachers demonstrate, beyond what was demonstrated for the preliminary credential, application of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), state-adopted frameworks, and adopted curriculum materials in one content area in the context of his/her instructional practice, showing response to individual diverse student needs. They also demonstrate their attainment of the knowledge and skills needed to meet the individual competencies for the Induction Standards: Pedagogy and Universal Access: Equity for All Students including English Learners and Special Populations.


  1. Advisement: District staff notifies eligible candidates about program and professional credential requirements within 120 calendar days of the start of the initial teaching contract and secures signatures on the Butte County BTSA Induction Advisement Form, to be placed in the Participating Teacher’s personnel file as proof of advisement.
  2. Enrollment: Year 1 Participating Teachers complete the Butte County BTSA Induction online state consent form (
  3. Support Provider: Each Participating Teacher is assigned to work with a Support Provider. The Support Provider advises the beginning teacher about his/her involvement in the Induction Program, provides formative feedback about participation in and progress toward completion of the program, and supports the Participating Teacher in accumulating evidence of professional growth.
  4. Meetings/Professional Development:
    1. Participating Teachers meet with Support Providers a minimum of one hour per week and are required to attend monthly professional development seminars. Support Providers and Participating Teachers maintain a monthly Collaborative Log to document their ongoing activities.
      1. The Collaborative Log must be signed and submitted to BTSA Induction staff monthly. Attendance records are maintained by BTSA Induction staff and should be reviewed regularly for accuracy.
      2. To be eligible to be recommended for the Clear Credential, attendance at each monthly seminar is required. Participating Teachers must make-up any missed seminar.
      3. Attend 12 hours of professional development. Document on the Professional Development Verification form.
  5. Formative Assessment: With the guidance of their Support Provider, Participating Teachers complete formative assessment events and activities, including Individual Induction Plans (IIPs). Support Providers observe lessons to gather formative assessment evidence. Formative assessment results are used to guide professional development and not for the purpose of teacher evaluation or employment decisions.
  6. Completion: It is the responsibility of the Participating Teacher to accumulate evidence of reflective practice, to document professional credential requirements, to compile evidence in his/her Professional Portfolio and, at the end of the program, to organize this evidence in support of an application for a California Clear Credential. The Butte County BTSA Induction Program supports and facilitates this process. Only those Participating Teachers who have met all requirements will be recommended for a Clear Credential. The Professional Portfolio is transportable, enabling teachers to move from one Induction Program to another. The Completion Log is used to track and verify completion and is submitted to the Butte County BTSA Induction Program bi-annually.

The chart below outlines the minimum participation requirements for Participating Teachers enrolled in the Butte County BTSA Induction Program.  It is the expectation of the program, as well as your sponsoring district, that you meet all of the program requirements.  The state and your district have made a significant financial commitment to each teacher enrolled in this program.  In addition, if you are applying for university units from CSU – Chico, the minimum requirement for completion of six (6) units is ninety (90) hours.




3 hours

Participating Teacher Orientation: Year 1 Participating Teachers attend BTSA Induction Orientation meeting. Documentation is included on your Accountability Report.

21 hours

Cohort Seminars: Participating Teacher must attend Monthly Seminars with his/her Support Provider. (7 Year 1 seminars; 6 Year 2 seminars)  Document on Collaborative Log.

6 hours

Observing and Consulting with Colleagues: Spend time in experienced teachers’ classrooms, observing activities and participating in conversations that will help you gather information for Inquiries and to meet goals you develop on your IIP.  Document on Collaborative Log.

1.5 hour

Triad Conference:  Meet with your Support Provider and Site Administrator to go over any areas you wish (e.g., growth goals, formative assessment activities).  Document on Triad Conference.

6 hours

Formal Observation/Assessment with Support Provider: Twice during the year, once in the fall and once in the spring, your Support Provider will observe a lesson and guide your self-assessment of your teaching.  Document on Collaborative Log.

6 hours

Observations: Twice during the year, you will be required to observe a colleague based on your IIP goals.  Document on Collaborative Log.

32 hours

Formative Assessment Activities:  Spend a minimum of 32 hours over the course of the year meeting with your Support Provider, completing NECTEC LAS Inquiries, Reflective Records, and BTSA surveys.  Document on Collaborative Log.

2.5 hours

End of the Year Seminar or Colloquium: Year 1 Participating Teachers and Support Providers share successes of first year during the May Seminar. Year 2 Participating Teachers and Support Providers attend Colloquium.  Documentation is included on your Accountability Report.

12 hours

Professional Development:  Attend trainings (AB 430), Professional Development Workshops, Seminars, or Conferences that meet your IIP and/or Site/District goals. Documentation on these hours is required to be tied to your IIP or District Goals. Document on Professional Development Verification Form.

90 hours



Click here to download the Participating Teacher's Roles and Responsibilities to the Induction Program.