Oral Language Fluency: 3

After students have had a chance to retell the story in their own words using the retelling strips, they are given numerous sentences from the story. Students are then required to sequence the sentences to match the pictures on the retelling strip. Notice how Anna has started this lesson with a very high level of support for the students, but now is allowing them to do the work in the lesson so that they are practicing the content individually or in pairs. This gives the students a feeling of success as they progress through the lesson.

Classroom Reflection

Why is the sentence matching activity important for students to complete?

Anna works with a pair of students as they try to decide where to place one of the sentences. Notice how she provides the sentence frame for them, “I think it goes there because…” Students then report out their answers and check to see if their sequenced sentences match the answers that are reported out by the rest of the class.

Classroom Reflection

1. Anna uses sentence frame with students. Why is this an effective strategy for students?

2. Anna carefully planned the sequence of this lesson. How might the results have been different if students were asked to sequence the sentences as a first activity?

3. How did the teacher differentiate her instruction for the various language levels in her classroom?