Module 3: Using ELD and SDAIE in the Classroom

inezAlthough many believe that ELD and SDAIE are nearly the same, truthfully they are quite different. Let’s begin by examining the two. English language development (ELD) instruction is designed specifically to advance English learners’ knowledge and use of English in increasingly sophisticated ways (CDE, 2010). When instructing a group of students during ELD, teachers will use the California ELD Standards to guide their instruction. The teacher may have just one level of English learners in a class or varying levels of EL students. Either way, it is understood that the teacher will differentiate instruction so as to meet the needs of the varying levels in the class. ELD instruction is not for English only students.

SDAIE, on the other hand, is a set of strategies that teachers may employ during the teaching of academic content. This means that SDAIE should be used by teachers any other time during the day that ELD is not being taught.

This diagram may be helpful in understanding the differences between ELD and SDAIE. The two share the common strategies for HOW to effective address both.