Activating Prior Knowledge: 4

HM Story: Babe Didrikson karin1

Teacher: Karin Linn-Nieves, 3rd Grade

In this lesson, third grade students will practice the Word Splash strategy. The teacher scaffolds this activity by activating the students prior knowledge on the subject with rich vocabulary from the story.  Let’s watch as Karin introduces the Word Splash and connects the learning to the student's prior understanding with the vocabulary.

Here are artifacts and resources from the lesson:

Babe Didrikson Word Splash Lesson Plan

Babe Didrikson Word Splash Words

Word Splash Overview Close Activity Example

Word Splash Overview Close Activity Example w/ Answers

Word Splash Vocabulary Example for Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea Reading Example



Karin starts the lesson by reviewing the content objectives and language objectives for instruction.

Classroom Reflection

Why might it be beneficial for both the teacher and the students to use language objectives as well as content objectives during lessons?

Karin models the word splash activity using the document camera. Notice how explicit her directions are and how she checks for understanding with all students before she allows them to begin the group work.