Developing Academic Language: 4

HM Story: Beneath Blue Waters maria

Teacher: Maria Martin, Grade 6

In this lesson, Maria uses multiple strategies such as realia, Word Sort and whiteboards to check for understanding to help her sixth grade students categorize and classify. She models different examples to help her students complete their own activities.

Here are artifacts and resources from the lesson:

Categorize and Classify Word Sort

Categorize and Classify Powerpoint

Beneath Blue Waters (Theme 6) Bulletin Board 1

Beneath Blue Waters (Theme 6) Bulletin Board 2


Maria starts this lesson on categorize and classify by sharing the objectives and the standards in the lesson with the class. Notice how she checks for understanding with the students by asking them to repeat the objective.

Students are asked to discuss and then use white boards to report out their answers. Notice how Maria starts with a relatively easy example so that students keep a low affective filter while just beginning the instruction.

Classroom Reflection

Do you use white boards in your classroom to have students report their answers? Why is this an effective way to check for understanding in the classroom?