Developing Academic Language: 1

HM Story: The Forest priscilla

Teacher: Priscilla Mejia, Grade 1

In this lesson, Priscilla works with her first grade students to support their understanding of new vocabulary and academic content. Using a sentence frame to support their use of new language, students write their responses following her prompts. Additionally, she uses realia to help student connect the learning to their own home experiences.

Here are artifacts and resources from the lesson:

Poisonous Chart

Poisonous Chart Completed

Images of Poisonous Plants, Animals, and Items

Image of Poisonous Household Chemicals

Word Study for Poisonous


Priscilla begins the lesson by referring the students to the graphic organizer that they will use throughout instruction. Notice how Priscilla doesn’t shy away from this difficult content, even with a class full of first grade English learners she tackles challenging content with deliberate, comprehensible instruction.

Priscilla walks the students through the graphic organizer while they complete their own at their desks. She models the sentences numerous times and has students fill in the word where applicable.

Classroom Reflection

Why do you think Priscilla repeats herself so many times using the word poisonous in so many different forms?