Graphic Organizers: 1

HM Story: Grizzly Bear Family Book karin1

Teacher: Karin Linn-Nieves, Grade 5

In this lesson, fifth grade students use observational charts to help focus and organize their thinking around a topic. The teacher scaffolds this activity by using a graphic organizer, an observational chart in this case, to support students in their access to new vocabulary and to generate and share ideas.

Here are artifacts and resources from the lesson:

Bear Thinking Map

Writing Support

Lesson Plan for Grizzly Bear Family

Completed Observational Chart 1

Completed Observational Chart 2

Completed Observational Chart 3

Completed Observational Chart 4

Completed Observational Chart 5



Karin begins this lesson reviewing the objectives for the lesson with the class. You can see that in her explicit introduction she gives the students purpose for the activity and also helps to focus her instruction that is to follow.

Something to Think About: Karin reminds students about using complete sentences with their responses. This is something that is rather easily implemented and very beneficial for students’ language development.

Karin gives the directions to the students before starting the activity. She is using the “pass the pen” strategy so that all students have an opportunity to write during the activity.

Classroom Reflection

How could you adapt this strategy for an EL student at the Beginning level that is not writing in English yet?